Darlene Waite
Delicious vegan juice bar and cafe!
Lisa Crisp
Delicious smoothies, healthy fresh juices and great and helpful staff. I loaded up on juices to drink while recovering from surgery. Everyone knows green juice helps your body thrive, (surgery or not) 😊
Michelle alexander
What are you waiting for???? Have been to Glo multiple times and it never disappoints! Their healthy, flavorful,vegan, gluten-free and no sugar added items were a great surprise for my taste buds! I was delighted and unprepared for how good the charcoal bowl,the passion fruit bowl and all the additional ingredients you can add!the smoothies are great, my fav the apple pie and peanut butter! I also tried the Earth was delicious! 'Twas a party in my mouth!Price is on point considering the freshness and the quality of the produce! Staff was pleasant and patient considering I am terribly indecisive. lol
Music Lover15
Delicious and fresh drinks. Gluten free and vegan. Absolutely amazing. Definitely coming again
Maggie Rechel
so far, its been just what i needed as a meal before work, keep it up! it is so hard to find vegan and no sugar added options!!!